Food for Thought: #SabahQuake

This is the first post in this blog to write something more on personal. I bet many know about the earthquake at Mt. Kinabalu few days back. It was really saddening. 
FYI, I am a Sabahan. I was shocked when hearing this news and the first thought was giving a call to my parents. It was glad to know Sandakan wasn’t affected but my aunts and uncles who are residing at Kota Kinabalu said they was frightened. A magnitude of 5.3 at those less affected area, while the main, Mt. Kinabalu, was really bad.
The moment when I thought luckily no one was killed in this quake, I saw friends who went for climbing Mt. Kinabalu shared their photo with their guide, Robbi. And I knew the tragedy happened. I bet this is the first case which go viral on Facebook. Then, more and more news about dead bodies found, climbers went missing and so on. 
Okay, here I come to the most annoying part of this earthquake. Honestly speaking, I am ashamed of the rescue team from our government. One of the climbers on the peak of Mt. Kinabalu shared updates after the incident, saying that they were fine and waiting for helicopter for rescue. And then, news updated about rescuing only the next day? Oh really? Are you freaking kidding? Imagine you are on the freaking cold peak of Mt. Kinabalu, and you are short of food and drinks. And you were told to stay then until the next day. Oh gosh! It was insane!

Indeed, Malaysia isn’t one of the countries which have frequent earthquake. However, it shouldn’t be an excuse for rescue team to slower down their efficiency to save the climbers, should it?  You may say I was not there, how can I judge? Well, news and videos by the victims tell the truth. And again, our Prime Minister wasn’t the first to reach, but other did. It was totally disappointing. 
Check this news for more info:

So, you, the rescue team were there just to play phone? Luckily, our guides are always there for the climbers. It is really touched to know the guides are there to rescue everyone. They are the greatest ever and I pay my full respect to them! It was really sad to know few guides left us when trying to save their climbers. However, they will never be forgotten. 
Mourning day was set by Singapore and Sabah on 9 Jun 2015. However, rescue is still undergoing. Again, thanks for all the guides who help in rescuing the climbers. They are our hero. Meanwhile, deep condolence to the victims and their family. But the biggest wish of mine is that, Mt. Kinabalu, please stay calm and don’t wake up. We love you as a sleeping beauty. (FYI, few years ago, Mt. Kinabalu was believed to be a dormant volcano).

And last, #StayStrongSabah. I am not physically at Sabah, but my soul will always do. #IAmSabahan


  1. It seems that natural disasters are happening left and right. No matter how we want or are prepared for it, these natural disasters get scary and more scary through time. If you’re already complaining about your government, ours is worse.

  2. Yes, there were quite a few deaths from Singapore, and sadly, some of them were students… It was a very sad day for many people in Singapore and I was not in town to mourn for them too…

  3. When I heard of the news about the quake, it really saddened me too though I’m not a citizen of the country. It’s more sad to know there are causalities and a lot of damages. But behind this tragedy comes helping hands and that’s usually what we should look at to focus on the good side of things; to bring hope that things will get better.

  4. Oh my god! 5.3 magnitude and these are all the damages made? i really don’t know what to say. i feel sad after knowing and reading this news.
    glad that your relatives are all ok. keep safe!

  5. I was just in Kota Kinabalu a few weeks ago and it was really unfortunate for the earthquake to happen. I guess there are a lot of lessons on being prepared for a disaster but I’m sure everybody did the best at that time to help each other.

  6. good to hear that your family is safe. Earthquake s are usual phenomenon in Southeast Asia, good thing there is now a nationwide earthquake awareness program in our country.

  7. In this situation we are all praying for all our safety. We cannot predict the impact or intensity of natural disasters, all we have is to have faith in God, Allah, Buddha to help and guide us. Be prepared always.

  8. Strong earthquakes are really very scary disasters. You are helpless against the power of the earth. I am glad your family is safe and hope all the survivors recover from their shock.

  9. I can’t get over the repercussions of the earthquake in Sabah. It really changes my perspective in life 🙁

  10. Sad to know this, but natural disasters do appear on us worldwide. Be smart and readyfor disasters. Awareness could help us.

  11. As a mum with kids my own close in age to the seven 12-year old kids who perished in the quake, I was deeply saddened, and affected. I’m glad your family was safe.

  12. Pray for Sabah. This is unexpected and the most is we keep praying for them. Hope that the rescue team can find more survivors.

  13. I have learned the news about Sabah quake and it is really saddening especially to the families of the casualties. I hope your government act upon those lazy rescue team.


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