My Top 3 Products to Try from Wishtrend

Friday, April 3, 2015
Hello everyone, not sure whether any of you have actually come across Wishtrend before. I have been reading a lot of beauty product reviews where bloggers bought from/sponsored by Wishtrend. Finally, I got my opportunity getting more about Wishtrend by joining their affiliate program!
What is Wishtrend?
Wishtrend is an online store that sells Korean brand skincare, haircare and beauty makeup tools. FYI, Wishtrend is based in Seoul, Korea. You must be thinking why I joined a Korea-based affiliate program. Well, Wishtrend supports worldwide delivery, some products Wishtrend does support FREE delivery! Sounds great, isn't it?
And also, Wishtrend offers different wishbox which serves different purpose. But, every box has limited for 3 boxes. So, if you wish to get one, you would need to grab it fast!
3 Products I Wish to Try
OST Original Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advance Serum
I have heard of OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum, I knew there are few local online store in Malaysia are selling this too. But now, it has an advanced version which is C21.5! I can't wait to try this out. Don't think Malaysia has this yet. I want to be the pioneer to try out this wonderful product!
Mustaev Brush Cleaner Spray Quick Dry
The second product I wish to try from Wishtrend will be Mustaev Brush Cleaner Spray. Currently, I am using the make-up brush cleaner which didn't provide quick drying. I would need to wait for at least 5 - 7 days in order to use the brush. To be honest, this is super inconvenient. And I found Mustaev Brush Cleaner Spray in Wishtrend. However, it is out of stock now. Hopefully they can in stock soon.
Tosowoong 4D Vibration Pore Brush
Pore cleansing brush is now very trendy in worldwide. Last year November, I have gotten one for myself in Taiwan. Unfortunately, it was broken only one week I used it. So, when browsing Wishtrend, I found the similar pore brush and it seems to provide better function compared to the one I bought. Therefore, I have put it into my wishlist too.
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