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Not sure how many of you are same as me, Taiwan is the most wanted to visit country in my list. Well, I eventually made it last year. However, I was traveling there under tour agency because I was going with parents. They wanted everything to be confirmed before going. So, yeah, they happy, I happy then. Pro is all things were planned by the agency,; while con is I wasn’t able to discover places by my own. Therefore, I swear I want to visit Taiwan again!
Honest speaking, I never think this wish will come true so soon! FYI, Time for Taiwan TTBKL and The Butterfly Project are going to send a lucky winner who blog their way to Taiwan for a 5D4N  “Time To Enjoy Life” Taiwan trip! 
3 Reasons You Should Go On Two Wheels in Taiwan
Photo by Hiyudo Heng
#1: Optimise LOHAS Experience

LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) becomes more and more popular nowadays. Undoubtedly, Taiwan is the best destination in Asia to experience LOHAS. Taiwan gives full support to every cyclist; either local Taiwanese or foreigner. Guess what? Police station is also known as the “cyclist inn” (in Chinese: 铁马驿站) in Taiwan. Police station is the station where tourist with 2 wheels can take a rest and also reload stuffs for their upcoming challenge during cycling tour. In the cyclist inn, travellers can find food and beverages, repairing tools etc. And the sweetest thing is they will encourage you to keep going! What is better than a warm blessing from the local? 

#2: Discover The Beautiful Nature – Forest, Lake, Mountain

Sadly to say, you will not be able to see this beautiful sceneries if you choose to travel in popular towns. The only way to go for more adventurous and stunning views is traveling along the coastline. Taiwan is named as ” 宝岛” (in english “Bao Dao”, means the island rich in treasures), and no doubt, it is true. You will be amazed by every single coastline with different sceneries. For example, Yeh Liu and Shifen Waterfalls in northern coastline, Sun Moon Lake in middle of Taiwan, Gao Mei Wetland in western-central coastline and also Qingshui Cliffs at eastern coastline.

Yeh Liu Geo Park
Shi Fen Waterfall (Photo by Hiyudo Heng)
Sun Moon Lake
Gao Mei Wetland (Photo by Hiyudo Heng)
Qingshui Cliffs (Source)
#3: Challenge yourself

If you think traveling with 2 wheels in Taiwan is an easy job, you are absolutely wrong! It is adventurous and you are battling with your own stamina. Eastern coastline is the most challenging part in every cycling traveller’s tour. But then, most are saying that eastern is also the most beautiful and memorable coastline among the entire trip. For me, it is even challenging because I am a person who doesn’t know how to cycle. You must be thinking I am insane because I want to discover Taiwan with two wheels; yet I don’t even know how to balance myself on the bicycle? Well, that’s why I push myself off the limit. We must taste the bitter before we can appreciate the sweet!

3 Tips for Planning Your 2-Wheel Trip
#1: Choose the date


The most important thing is to pick your date for holiday. But, when will be the best time to travel. A friend of mine who have completed her wheels’ trip in Taiwan suggested me to go in March (which spring begins). The weather is pleasant and cool. Although March is also a rainy month of Taiwan, my friend said she only met the rain for once or twice during the entire trip. Some adventurous cyclists may also choose to travel in winter which is freaking cold season.            
Following that, you would need to choose how many days you would like to complete your cycling tour. As said, it isn’t easy to travel the entire Taiwan. Generally, people plan to complete the trip in 15 – 20 days. Of course, you can plan shorter or longer, it is absolutely depends on yourself. But remember that, the shorter the time, you have lesser time to enjoy the sceneries along the coastlines. Don’t forget you got a flight to return.

#2: Get Your Bicycle


You may proceed to ride your own bicycle if you wish to do so. All you need is to fly your bicycle to Taiwan and you can kick start your adventure directly after touching down at Taiwan Airport. If you don’t have a bicycle, no worries~ You can rent one there. There are a lot of stores at Taiwan which provides bicycle renting service. My friend recommended to rent the bicycle at Yogoaima (a.k..a Merida, in Chinese: 佳游单车).  There are different packages offered. However, you are recommended to choose the full package which includes bicycle, lights, bicycle bags, helmet, locks and GPS etc. 
When renting your bicycle at Yogoaima, they will teach you basic technique to repair your bicycle. Therefore, when your bicycle has minor breakdown during the tour, you can repair it yourself. Do take good care of the rented equipment, it is your partner throughout the trip. I am sure, you don’t want it to break down in the middle of the trip.
**For more info of Yogoaima, visit >>

#3: To Bring or Not To Bring
So, we have gotten everything done. Next, we need to have a checklist of what should bring. Normally, guys would have lesser thing when going for a trip, while girls always bring more like makeup or skincare and more and more. But, wait, this is a cycling trip, sisters! Believe me, you won’t have spare time to do any makeup. So sisters, forget your lipstick, eye shadows and eyeliner! Bring things that are necessary and will keep you survive in the entire trip!
Things to bring:

  • Bicycle shorts – Get the one which has padding. This is to help reduce your pain on butt. After a long ride, our butt, for sure, is going to be pain and you don’t feel like sitting anymore. A cyclist (not girl, is a guy) suggested to use sanitary pad as the padding during the tour.
  • Flashlights and Batteries – EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA! You never know when you are running out of lights. What if it happens in the evening or night or when you riding in the tunnel? So bring as many as you can. 
  • Rain coat – If you are going as suggested season (March), you may experience raining. Bring a raincoat as a windbreaker.
  • Sunscreen – You definitely need to apply sunscreen. It helps to prevent you getting sunburn.
  • Quick drying clothing – You can’t bring a lot of clothing because it will put on more weight on your bicycle. This is thing you definitely don’t want to happen. Else, you will find hard time when cycling at the hill side; especially at the east coastline.
  • Medicine – Bring some emergency medicine or multivitamins so that you won’t fall sick easily during the tour.
  • Guide book – Get yourself a guide specifically for Taiwan cycling tour. It contains all information you need to know about wheels trip. BTW, get the latest one. Some information may change from time to time.
Other Information You Should Know About 2-Wheel Trip
#1: Budget
Undeniably, money is the element to make this 2-wheel trip success. My friend told me that she spent around RM4000 – RM5000 for her 18-day cycling tour in Taiwan . This includes renting the bicycle and equipment, accommodation, food and beverages and purchasing souvenirs.  Air tickets were not included here but you can get tickets when Air Asia has low fare sale. 
If you want to cut down your budget, I recommended you to cut down from the accommodation portion. You are here to experience life, hotel is just a place for you to rest. Hence, you can actually get those budgeted hotel/motel. Some cyclist will build their own tent or stay overnight at cyclist inn or school which is totally FOC!
#2: Cycling path
You may find a lot of bicycle lane in Taiwan. They have clearly stated on the signboard. That’s the best and safer way to cycle around Taiwan. If you want to explore some other places yourself, you can actually choose small country roads but it is more challenging and dangerous. And the last one will be cycling in the city, which you should AVOID! Again, you are here for LOHAS experience. Don’t stuck yourself in the city. You don’t want to waste your time there. 
#3: Food
Seriously, no one needs to worry about food when traveling at Taiwan. You can easily find food at any place. You can find convenient store or walk into the local night market. Food are cheap and try out the local food such as oyster omelette, fried chicken chop, peanut ice-cream rolls, so and so. 
For more food adventures, find it at:

Well, these are the tips and reasons I wanted to share with all, who are interested in discovering Taiwan on 2 wheels. Specially thanks for my friend, Hui Yin who is kind to share me her cycling experience in Taiwan, and also Hiyudo who allows me to use his photos in this write-up. And of course you guys, who patiently read the whole post! I wish I could achieve my bucket list the soonest! Wish me luck in the contest. If I win the trip, I will definitely go for a short 5D4N cycling tour in some parts of Taiwan!

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  1. Im reading all about Taiwan these days and I really want to visit ! Going on two wheels sounds challenging and interesting

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  3. I love riding bicycles but my city isn’t bicycle friendly.. This is definitely something that I would do, looks so relaxing and fun.. Great post xx

  4. Taiwan looks beautiful, it is on my list of places to visit when I travel around Asia. I’m not a fan of bike riding so I wouldn’t do this but I’m sure my feet will get me many places.

  5. This post comes in handy! I am planning a 3day cycling trip in June, when my kids are attending chinese lessons there in June! Thanks for the tips!

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  7. I really wish I could visit Taiwan and go on a bike tour. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t like to cycle. Thanks for sharing the beautiful scenery shots!


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