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Marriage comes in when two individuals recognized each other as their partner in life, who they want to share either joy or sorrow, accompany one another until the end of their life. Although marriage varies due to cultures, there are one that will never been missed out; The Wedding Day.

I am yet to get married, but I understand that a wedding needs a lot of planning and preparation. The most headache part will be choosing your wedding dresses and accessories. You want it the most beautiful dress in the world; however, with the cheapest price! Well, I am here to introduce you an online shop, which can help you to solve your issues – Wedding Tree Malaysia.
Wedding Tree Malaysia is an online one-stop shop in Malaysia where you can source different essentials for your wedding, from custom-made and ready-made bridesmaid dresses to groomsmen accessories, wedding favors and tea ceremony sets.

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As said, Wedding Tree is an online shop, they don’t have a physical shop. So, every order you would need to make through online. The website layout is similar to many online store: register, choose your item, add to cart, checkout and make payment.

Something different from the typical online clothing store is Wedding Tree has a space where customer can state their bust-waist-hip in cm. Meaning that if customer would like purchase custom-made dresses, he/she can do so. However, I will highly recommend you to contact them before you place your order. Wedding Tree will custom make the dresses with first come first serve basis. Thus, you may need to wait for around 1 – 2 weeks in order to get your dress.
Measure your bust, waist and hip with this chart
I have ordered a custom-made dress from Wedding Tree in mid-December 2014. Estimated arrival time is the mid-January 2015 since Wedding Tree informed that they have huge order in progress. However, I received a notification in Christmas Eve, saying that my dress was ready! That was 3 weeks earlier than I expected. I received my dress after Christmas holiday and very satisfied with the quality of the dress. The dress is silky and classically elegant. The details of the dress is somewhat intricate yet beautiful. At first, I was planning to wear it during my cousin’s wedding. But now, I was thinking to wear it during couple shooting with my dearest.
In short, the services by Wedding Tree Malaysia are satisfying. They are new start-up online store, thus, you may found choices are lesser compare to similar store. Nevertheless, they are always uploading more and more designs, with the cheaper price! Why pay more if you can buy it cheaper? Additionally, Wedding Tree Malaysia provides custom-made dress which others do not have. So, you don’t need to worry whether or not you can fit in the ready-made one.

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  1. Great wedding website. For sure it will grow bigger sooner or later. By the way, I have a wedding blog too 🙂 . If ever they need some online partner, I will be more than happy to talk with them too!

    • Hi Selly, unfortunately they don’t. That’s why they provides measuring chart in their website. You can follow that chart to measure your bust, hip and and waist.

  2. To late the hero. My niece got married 1a month ago. How’ I wish I have read this much earlier. Still, a great wedding needs site. Share this with friends.

  3. It is a bit of a risk to have a dress custom-made over the internet, but it sure is convenient. However, if significant adjustments have to be made, it will be a big hassle.

  4. Wedding can really be toxic especially for the bride. It’s nice that there’s wedding tree site that can help you in the dress part.

  5. I think online dress shops can be a great way to purchase party clothes and prom clothes but I would hesitate on a wedding gown. If a fitting were feasible, it would be great.

  6. Wedding Tree seems like a great option to buy wedding clothes and accessories for the most memorable event in every woman’s life! A great review!

  7. Weddings do take a lot of time, money and patience to plan. It is nice to have such a lovely wedding planning place to have handy!

  8. Nice to know that there is a one-stop shop for anything and everything wedding in Malaysia. It’s so hard to look for suppliers and this will make the planning much easier.


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