Seeties: Skydiving from 10k Feet

Greetings to all my readers~
Today I am here to share with you a great news from Seeties!
Seeties has been officially launched on 3rd December 2014! 
Congratz to the success of Seeties! 
In conjunction with the official launch, Seeties are sending 7 lucky winners to experience SKYDIVING!
What is Seeties? Click here to read for the intro I have posted before.

I am sure most of you came across this grandma who experienced skydiving in Australia! Wow~~ Seriously, I think she is cold! And the most important, I respect her! She dare to play such adventurous sport! 

Back to the point, Seeties is rolling out a Jumpface Campaign which 7 lucky winners (2 Seetizen Experts and 5 public users) will be selected and won the seat of skydiving worths for RM3000! If you are one of the lucky winners, you are able to skydive from 10,000 feet above the ground (Equals to 6 KLCC buildings!) 

Yes! I didn’t write it wrong. It equals to 6 KLCC buildings!

How To Win?
Log in with your Seeties account on and upload a selfie of your JUMPface – Imagine you are falling from a plane, what your face will show? That’s the JUMPface Seeties wanted!

Use the built-in app, dd a JUMP helmet and share the picture on Facebook. Invite your friends to vote for your picture to increase your chances of winning! They can come back everyday and vote the same photo! So, invite them daily so you can get higher chance to win!

So, I dare you to try your luck to jump with Seeties!
Before ending this post, share with you my JUMPface!!!! 
Good luck everyone! Enjoy your JUMPface shooting and remember to share with your friends and family to get more votes~~ 😉


  1. Only recently did I go sky diving and what an amazing experience. Even though I cannot participate in this contest I know that whoever wins win be in for an unforgettable experience.

  2. hello fellow seeties! i saw the post about the old granny who went skydiving too! major respect plus jawdrop! i dont think i will have the courage do that, even now.

  3. WOW! Seeties is really making it a contest! I wish I could join but sadly I’m far from the venue. Goodluck to those who’ll join!

  4. OMG, SkyDiving in Malaysia. It’s so exciting, dangerous yet exhilarating! It’s like living the moment! Tell me if you’ve tried it!

  5. After bungee jumping skydiving its the next step 😀 I wish there will be something like this in my country! Bc its quite expensive 🙂

  6. Skydiving is such a scary sport to me. I think it’s too risky to play that. Seeing that grandma makes me respect her for her braveness. I guess I can’t do that even when it’s for free. 🙂

  7. I cannot believe a grandma did skydiving! Her act (of trying skydiving) is already amazing. But it amazes me more how physically fit she is to do such!

  8. Skydiving seems like a very liberating experience, you get free from your worries in ordinary life, you are free as a bird in the sky, that must be a very unique experience. I am very scared to try it, though!

  9. I’ve never been skydiving and it’s not on my list of to do things at all. I commend all of you who want to or have done it. 🙂

  10. This is one item on my bucketlist. I wanna do this too, but I think, I’m not gonna do this in Australia, I’m gonna do this in the USA. I also might have a warm up try here in our country in Cebu. 😀


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