L’Oréal Paris Beauty Countdown Contest

Hello ladies and gentlemen!
I am here to share you a good news from L’Oreal Paris!
Why do I said ladies and gentlemen?
because L’Oreal Paris has also men skincare products~
Somemore, Christmas’s near. You can buy L’Oreal Paris’s products for you lady!
And MOST IMPORTANT, stand a chance to WIN PRIZES!!!

Too much info in one pic?
No worries~ Let me break down for you….
#1: Beautycountdown: Prizes are giving from 1st Nov – 31st Dec 2014 (10 consecutive weeks).
#2: Daily prizes: Hampers (3 units) worth of RM100 are given daily (products below)
#3: Weekly prizes: Prizes total worth RM7500 will be given
#4: Grand prize: A car worth more than RM100,000
Attractive prizes? YES!!!!
I swear this is the most prizes I ever see an organizer gives to their beloved customers!
You must be curious how to join!
See below…
1. Go to http://www.lorealbeautycountdown.com.my/  
2. Spend over RM20 on L’Oréal Paris products.

3. Upload a photo of your receipt as proof of purchase.
3. Answer the question on the website.
Simple? Yes~~~~ And the more you shop, the higher chance to win the prize~ With 10 weeks of BeautyCountdown, daily, weekly and grand prizes, the probability is high! So don’t miss the chance to join and win prizessssssssssssssssss!

Let’s join the fun together now! 😉

For more information:
L’Oréal Paris Website: http://www.lorealbeautycountdown.com.my/
L’Oréal Paris Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lorealparismalaysia


  1. I wouldn’t mind spending a lot on L’Oreal products because I know it still wouldn’t be as expensive as the car if I win, haha! I don’t mind the other prizes either.

  2. L’Oreal products are really good for women especially hair. This is excellent promotion as beauty countdown with lots of prizes.

  3. I’ve seen this giveaway before and I’m still wondering what brand of car will be given away. I just think that they should have given its identity so many would be more interested. Though the prizes looks great already, just as a marketing view, it’s much better to have a particular car prize.
    Good luck to those who will join! 🙂

  4. L’Oreal has some wonderful products and it looks like even better items to be won! I have used L’Oreal stuff for a long time so this is great for their customers.

  5. Lovely Contest Indeed! But sad that I’m not eligible to take part 🙁 !! Next time I guess!!
    GIG Love
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  6. This is such a fab giveaway, how pretty is that necklace! x
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  7. I didn’t know there’s a product of Loreal for men. 🙂 But I just saw it here. Anyway, my sisters would love this kind of contest, I’m just not sure if we have this here.


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