Tutorial: DIY Sweety Doll by Wool and Felt

Hello ladies, 
do you like handmade stuffs?
This post, I am going to share the way to make a doll using wool ad felt.
I made this as a gift for Danny and perhaps, you can make one for your loved one too.

I guess you may come across Voodoo doll. But some people don’t like it because it means “black magic”. To be honest, I myself too, am somewhat uncomfortable with it. Nevertheless, the tutorial today is similar to the way to make a voodoo. Hope you can stick with me, I guarantee this will not give you a creepy experience. =)


Materials & Tools:  Thread, Felt, Wool, Uhu glue, scissor
** The colors of materials needed is depending on what doll you are going to make. FYI, I am going to make a Doraemon. So, I prepared wool in blue, felt in red, white and black, thread in black.


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Let’s start now! First, roll the wool with the width of 4 fingers. The thickness is depending on how big you would like the head of the doll be. If you would like to hang it on your stuffs such as phone or bag, you can tie a ribbon between 2-3 wool when you have done with rolling. Remember to leave some space, so you can hang it.


DO NOT cut the wool! Hold twos side of the wool you have rolled, twist it into round shape and start wrapping the surface by the wool. You should not cover the surface in regular way, the beauty of this doll is because it has irregular line to shape the doll. Remember do not cover the ribbon. After wrapping until the size you wanted, you can cut the wool and stick the end by Uhu glue.


Now, you can start preparing the details of the doll such as eye, mouth, face, etc. by using felt. Cut the felt accordingly.

After that, stick the biggest white felt on the “ball”, that is the face of Doraemon. Then stick the small one.

I am using beads as its eyes so I used the thread to sew it before sticking its nose. This is because I can cover the thread under the felt.

Last, cut the black thread into few short pieces. Then stick them on the big white felt as its mouth and whisker. Now, the Doraemon doll is done! ❤

Girls, hope you love this DIY doll. I apologise for my bad writing instruction. I promise I will improve it in future. In the beginning, I thought it is easy to write in words. But, when doing it, I realized I was wrong. Perhaps I shall try video tutorial next time? So you can watch the step clearer. =) Anyway, hope you enjoy this post. If you have any question, please comment it and let me know. Happy Wednesday sweeties~


  1. Yes, I love homemade stuff and your tutorial is amazing. Normally, the sweet little wool doll seemed hard to make but your tutorial made it easy for me to get the consecutive steps! Awesome idea!

  2. this looks like a great project! i personally think i’ll be having a hard time wrapping that string in a perfect circle! haha >XD thanks for sharing!

    • I think for a smaller class should be ok. Else, I was worrying kids will get annoyed by the wool when shaping the doll. Teacher needs to help all of them.


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