From A Girl to A Lady

Hello ladies and gentlemen, 

Finally I am back to my blog! I was sick for more than a week. Till now, I am still having cough and flu. Well, as I have stated in my FB Page, this is my 100th post in this blog. So, I am going to talk about myself. 

Although I have “About Me” in my site, I think you, my dearest readers will still want to know me more~ (Tell me YES, please =p) Expect tons of my selfiesssssss in this post. From the younger me to the older me. I love my changes much! From infant to toddler; from a girl to a lady. Not sure about you, BUT, I am excited with this post, with a little curious. I wonder what will you say about this… So, let’s started.

******Once upon a time ******

No la~ I am not talking fairy tales. Well, I was born in Nov 2, 1991. And guess what? I am the only child in my family. What’s the stereotypes about only child? No fighting needed to get new toys, easily get what I wanted and spoiled. Hmmmm… I doubt about these claims. I admitted I am somewhat spoiled, but definitely not getting what I wanted easily. I was once insisted to own a Digimon (I think 80/90s will know it right? And yes, I know it is more a boy-typed toy. But I love it though), keep throwing tantrum and eventually, papa mama win! *Digimon fly away* My parents aren’t the authoritarian type, they give me a lot of freedom in making my own choice as I grow. So, that’s why finally I was graduated as a Psychology student, although they aren’t really want me to take this course.

Am I cute? Not sure when this was taken. This is the only photo I can grab from FB since I am not at hometown. Since I am the only child, unless my cousins came to my house, else, I played toys my own. And so do other stuffs, I have to do them myself. Maybe that’s why I am more independent and tougher when meeting challenges in school time. Well well…. no grandmother story about school~~~ Showing you my first ever selfie! OMG! It’s so… Funny!
Forget about the resolution. Can you imagine how I take this selfie? You won’t believe it. It was a no front camera decade, so, I was using back camera. How I took it? The screen side was facing oopposite to the mirror!!! So clever right? So that I can look at my face from the reflection and snap. XD
Another breaking news of mine, look at my fashion sense in 17. With a spec, I look like a teacher instead of a student. =\ Seriously 17? Trust me, I have no sense of fashion until I was 21/22, the seed just started to grow.
Since I was a Chinese private school (独中) student, I graduated in my 18 and directly studied Bachelor’s degree afterwards. That’s the time I have to detach from my beloved home, family, food and friends etc. Stayed at hostel with my one and only roommate for 3 years. Arhhh… That time I was in a relationship with my highschool classmate which lasted almost 4 years (my first love). In uni life, I met new friends and started working part time as promoter and also online pre-order business. Apart from working, I joined clubs and society in uni; organized events and contest. This experience truly let me learn a lot! How to deal with different kind of people, clients, committees, agents etc. Oh yeah, I also joined direct selling and MLM (multi-level marketing) before. So, if you need any advice on the jobs I have worked before, you can contact me. I will help you if I can. =)
The left was taken in my uni Year 1 while the right is in Year 2 end of year 2011. Still a “leng mui” (Pronounce in Cantonese, means little girl), selfie with 45° angle above. XD Besides, if you notice, all the photos above proved I am only with short hair. Yay, the longest ever will be the photo below, which is only reach my shoulders. My fringe has accompanied me throughout the 19 years and only changed in the 20th year of mine. My highschool did not request girls to keep hair short, just that I don’t have the intention to keep it long. In fact, I have no idea what hairstyle if not this! >~<
Jiang jiang jiang!!! Proudly present, my longest hair. And you will notice I was wearing a naked makeup with Freshkon Alluring Eye contact lens. *Turning to a young lady =p* I was learning how to do makeup myself through youtube. Michelle Phan, no doubt, my youtube makeup guru. =3 I even did my own makeup during my annual ball in uni.. However, I have done my hairdo at Pee Ka Boo @ The Curve. Since I less wearing makeup, I don’t think I am now skilful enough to handle all type of makeup. Still learning~~ (Another preview: I will have another post to talk about how I apply my makeup. Stay tune!) 
It was in 2012, which means I was 21. I wanted to make my 21 more meaningful, that’s why I wanted a change on my fashion, hairstyle etc.. So…. with this longest hair, I didn’t decide to keep it. I change it into my shortest as at that time. At that time, Rainie Yang has just published her latest album with a very short and sexy hairstyle. I love that very much.
Of course that isn’t identical. But I really love that hair very much.
What do you think? From the longest to the shortest. When I posted this before and after on Instagram and Facebook, many friends commented with shock and some thought I was insane! I personally think longer hair is more feminine while the shorter is more young! Well well well… This wasn’t stop me to be shorter and shorter. Once a while, I was thinking to cut all till bald. But of course I didn’t do that. Else my mum will keep nagging on me~ By that time I was working my last part time promoter, where I met my current BF. He was my outlet supervisor. =p And that was the time I got the chance to learn about photography. With his patiently teaching, I even addicted into it and finally bought our DSLR together this year 2014. =) Whoops, jump too far already… Well, let’s see even shorter hair of mine?
The left, was my boycut hair. And I was going to interview. I am lucky enough to have my current company offering me a post immediately 2 days after I finished my papers. Wow! I am not dreaming! I got the job less than a week after completing my 3rd year? And I still not holding my degree in hand. =X Nevertheless, I received my NS letter 2 days after I signed contract with my company. =3= No choice, company has to release me and I return to work after 2.5 month. Seriously, a big joke for me. Still, I am lucky enough, my company let me go meanwhile paying me the salary. *Guilty*
This 2.5-month training was another type of experience for me. I got another chance to be 18 again! Yet, it was suffering because I was back to Sandakan for my NS, while my dear is in KL. We were just 3-month relationship! We cannot meet each other, missing each other and only manage to talk longer with each other in weekends. Weekdays, I gotta standby every rehat time to go calling him as we really miss each other so much. Tons of tears were there and the kakak at canteen knew it well. She was the one who always told me, “Sin Yee, don’t cry. Everything will be okay!” Yes, I know it will be okay afterwards, but now, it was so painful! Finally the long-waited moment came, I completed my NS and return to KL with a slimmer body and dark face!
Astagah! Siapa orang ni? Me? Yes, 3rd day after I “graduated” from NS. Darkness level ∞ ! Sunburn level = high! My dear said I look like Vietnamese. =3= Look at my skin color; face and arm. The tone is totally different. Even I applied sunblock. Sigh. I spent few weeks to return my fair skin color. So, after returning from NS, I continued working in my company till now. Everything seems to be good. Remember I mentioned about photography just now? Yeah, since everything looks fine, Danny and I finally bought our DSLR and started our photography journey. And then, I started blogging our photography. Sooner, I found another interest — BLOG! That’s how I have you all in my life~ =) Sharing you my story. 

And do you ever notice? I don’t smile with teeth in the previous photos. Only one in the above. And that’s another story~ Danny is the only one who can make me smile with teeth when taking photographs. Because without him, I can’t feel the real happiness in life. I am not saying I am not happy with my life. What I mean is he is the source that giving me smile on my face always. That’s why, when we were in a relationship, I started to smile with teeth that truly show my happiness from deep heart core.
Well, it is about to end this post. Hope you enjoy reading my story, ladies and gentlemen. I appreciate you all who accompany me to grow these few months. Anyone would like to share your story with me? Or you have any question (as I mentioned earlier), you can drop me a comment/PM me. If I can help, I will do. **Promise!**

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  1. Nice of you to share some info and photos about yourself. Honestly, I can’t believed that photo of a 17 year old girl is you. Gosh, you’ve gone into a great transformation.

  2. I love your short hairstyle but I think you have a pretty face and no matter which length you choose, you will still be a very attractive young lady. A great idea of comparing the photos before and after!

  3. You’re experiencing the growing up process or adolescence stage. I suggests you have to study, learn, and take positive actions for the changes that you’re going through at present.

  4. I am definitely going to say long… short hair makes you look young and sassy but with long hair, you look absolutely stunning. Congratulation on your 100 post, looking forward to many more posts to come !!!

  5. You look cute with short hair but sweeter with long hair. It’s nice to read your story and about young love..ah enjoy this period in your life, Sin Yee!

  6. It’s a nice journal record of your hair… I think leaving it longer (shoulder-length) will be more feminine and nicer… more ways to style too!

  7. I like both wor…how ar??? but I want c u long hair in real life…so I vote.. long hair ^_^
    wish u n ur bf all the happiness in the world ya!!

  8. OHMYGOODNESS! Can’t help my self to say this after reading your post: HELLO, SISTER!! Haha, yeess we’re sisters from another mister, Sin Yee. I am, too, the only child in my family..! YAY!. I feel you, and I also was like you in my younger age: short hair. Any other time, I always prefer short hair than the long one. Really! So I suggest you to keep going on with short hair as it is carefree.. But the only thing that sux being in short hair was when you feel bored with the current hair cut, you need to wait until it longer so you can style it based on your preference at that time. But short hair is FUN! I do to consider in cutting my hair short but unfortunately my husband prohibit me and just allow me to medium cut. 🙁 You go girl! And if you’re a bit experimental, I dare you to dye it! Love to hear it more from you! ~giglove
    Have a visit:

  9. Love the look! Short hair suits you best makes you look fab!!
    GIG Love
    <a title =”Style..A Pastiche!” href=””> xoxo Chaicy – Style.. A Pastiche! </a>

  10. Your hair seems does not change much 😀
    You look more feminine now x)
    <a href=””>VISIT MY BLOG<3</a>

  11. i think long hair suited you if you want to look more womanly…shorthair make you look younger…i love to see u in long hair though

  12. Woww thats a huge transformation.. The long hair looks great on you darling.. 🙂
    Keep in touch ya. 🙂
    <a href=””></a>


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