The Real Start of Our Film Journey

It has been almost a week I have not update my blog.
Awww… Guilty! I am sorry~~
Currently really busy with my own stuffs.
Some more, I think you guys know,
I have a photography blog as well.
Have spent some time on “renovation”.
Here I am back with my photography journey~~
My dear and I bought an “ancient” camera –  Canon AE-1 Vintage Camera!
Yeah, this means, it uses film!

I have readers asked me in my photography blog,
where I got this and how much it costs me.
So, I answer it here first.
We have spotted few units in Ebay.
And bid for those, but unsuccessful.
In the end, we bought this blackie with FD 50mm f/1.8 in Euro, approximately RM600 in Malaysia.
Not sure is it expensive to you,
but the black edition is more expensive than the original one.
I personally like the black one, so I buy this.
For original color, it is around RM450-RM500, depends on its condition.

A big thank to my friend who is a film photographer,
he shared his film experience with me,
recommended me to use a very low cost film but produce the greatest vintage result.
It is called “My Heart”, in Chinese 甜心.
A very sweet name for a film.
I am sure girls will love it.
Not only because of the name, but also its packaging.
So sweet looking!
I will use it to make keychain!
For sure, I will share with you when I made it.

Back to the point, AE-1 is not the first film camera in our life,
but, it is not the type we owned in our younger time.
Honestly, we have trouble in operating it.
Some more, there is no manual book along with purchase.
We searched on web and read the guide,
still, we are not really understand.
We did think we are too stupid to understand that.
Thus, we eventually use our own theory to shoot.
And required the shop not to do any editing when scanning the photos.

We didn’t expect much from it,
since this is our first shoot, we are still in the stage of trial and error.
But the result amazed us!

It seems not bad right?
We expected there are more in under/over exposed.
But, most of them are just right.
Wow!! Which means our theory is correct!
Believe me, this is no extra photoshop!
Only adding the watermark of ours.
The vintage feeling is its own effect by the camera!

The thing I addicted to film photography is the result.
I wouldn’t know how it looks like, until I have processed the film.
I am awaiting it.
The moment when I finally see the photographs,
I am satisfied.
No matter how I imagine it could be, when the result is out,
satisfaction, excitement; I can’t express more.
Since it is an old camera,
it does not have auto-focus or auto-mode.
Everything is in manual!
So, what I can say is, with only manual setting camera,
it can train me to set thing in manual and learn to focus accurately.
Whilst, it will be out of focus.
But, sometimes, out of focus is beautiful too!
The blur feeling is so nice.
Ha! We sometime may not able to take what we really want,
like digital camera. Because, we can’t delete and take again.
But, this “mistake” doesn’t mean spoiled!
It is the most nature shoot.
So, here comes a quote:

Don’t think, just shoot.

In film photography, imagine, set and snap!
That’s all. Pretty simple.
Don’t think how to take the most perfect angle,
capture the truest moment,
even it’s out of focus,  it still surprised you.

Here I done for this round sharing on my photography journey.
Last, share you all my fav. 2 photographs.
Hope you love this sharing.

See Film with AE-1 for all photographs.


    • Hi Nick, thanks a lot. Will shot more of course. But we are waiting new lens coming from UK again! Will update when we have more shooting! Again, thanks for supporting. =)


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