Tangs: The Fashion Social

Last Saturday, my dear and I were invited to attend The Fashion Social by Tangs Malaysia.
It was held at Tangs, 1 Utama from 10am to 2pm.
However, the activities were end around 12.30pm.
I guess I don’t need to intro much about Tangs,
I think most of you know Tangs much.
Tangs is a fashion lifestyle concept store which features various concepts and brands to cater to a gamut of consumer tastes and preferences.  
Unlike the traditional department store concept, Tangs loves give their customers different feel in their store.
If you have visited 3 stores of Tangs,
you will definitely realize every branch has its unique store design, merchandising concepts.
The things I love about Tangs is I can find many brands that other departmental store do not bring in.
For example, Superdry, before they open their own store,
Tangs is the place that introduce Superdry to me.
And also, Nike 6.0, my first casual footwear that cost more than RM100 was bought there too.
Now, they have brought in more other brands;
such as Portrait, Headline Seoul, Arrow Blue Jeans, Closet and Dandelion Accessories.
This is our first time exposed to Portraits,
yet Danny and I fall on it.
I always complain with him that I want to see he wears suit/blazer.
Or something different from his normal casual wear.
Finally in this Fashion Social by Tangs,
he said yes! (sound like he said “I do” in proposal. =x)
We walked around, picked and matched something new for him.
Here’s his ‘fresh’ look.
OMG! For few minutes, his new look has fasten my heartbeat. *shy*
My one and only… ❤
Blazer: Portraits RM299
Shadow Tee: Superdry RM149
Pant: Portraits RM69
I wanted to see him full set of suit,
but he said, only one day I will see that.
He wants to give me surprise on that day.
I know what he means.
He wants to give me the best looking, another fast heart beating only in our wedding someday. *shy again*

Overall, being one of the loyal members of Tangs,
it is my pleasure to be invited in their Fashion Social event.
I love Tangs because of its concept and unique brands that cannot be found at other stores.
And thanks to Tangs to give me an opportunity to see my dear wearing different outfit.
Oh ya, and the vouchers!
All in within an hour after event was over. >.<
I love Tangs much.

**To my readers, Tangs will be opening soon at Malacca this year!
Stay tune! Will update you guys when it is open!**

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I am joining the contest by Tangs!
You support may help me to win more shopping credit! XD



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