Review: SmarterShop, Buy with Wholesale Price!

Again, I am sharing another online store with you.
Wholesale price, more discount, and more!
This deal only can get from SmarterShop!
I was invited by SmarterShop to do a review on their service and product.
At first, I have chosen the slim patch detox.
But when I received the parcel,
they sent me 3 items! Slim patch, Shiseido face mask and collagen eye mask! *Excited*
I must mention!
They really fast in service.
After confirming the product from me,
I have received the parcel two days after confirmation.
So, no worries, SmarterShop is not in the slow action taker list. 😉
Slim Patch Weight Loss Detox
I am a fat girl! Not so fat actually,
but have a big big tummy. =(
My mum was the one who always complains that I am fat,
but still cooks many when I back to hometown.. *Conflict*
That’s why I have to find way to lose my weight.
This is not my first time to use this slim patch.
I stopped because I have bought some counterfeited one. =(
The fake one made my stomach itchy and having rashes.
So when I received this slim patch, actually I was afraid of using it too.
However, god bless. It is the original slim patch.
I didn’t encounter the same problem~~
Click the picture for more details of the slim patch
Shiseido Face Mask – Black / White
I think many of you are familiar with the Shiseido Face Mask.
It is a peeling mask, effective on removal of blackheads and whiteheads.
To be honest, this is the first time I used Shiseido Face Mask.
I found it is really effective to pull out my blackheads!
It has been 3 years I have not using peeling mask.
Shiseido face mask does give me a very good impression to remove the undesired black/whiteheads.
Click the picture for more details of  Shiseido Face Mask
Crystal Collagen Eye Mask
Always know that collagen is important for one’s beauty.
Again, this is another first time I was using this product.
I don’t know how to apply them. =\
Then, my boy laughed at me hardly!
I admitted I look so “cute” when applying this eye mask.
I felt I am applying jelly under my eyes.
It is relaxing and I felt my eyes refreshed after applying it.
Click the picture for more details of Crystal Collagen Eye Mask
Overall, I am satisfied with the products from SmarterShop!
Their service is fast and products are good.
Cheap, fast and good!
For the price of the product, click on the picture, you will see the price list.
Since it is a wholesale price, there are lists of price for different amount you have bought.
That’s why I didn’t put them on this post.
Till then. See you soon lovelies~~
Contact No.: 016-553 5101


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