Why I Choose Weebly?

I believe most bloggers are using BlogSpot and WordPress as their main blog web.
But why I am choosing Weebly?
And how I get 1 year FREE domain from Weebly?
So, this post, I am going to answer you this question.
Weebly was founded in 2007,
so it is still very young compare to other web builder.
I started blogging in 2006,
that time I was using wretch.cc, a Taiwan based web builder.
I tried to use BlogSpot, but I don’t really like it.
So, eventually, I choose wretch as my blog page.
However, Wretch declared they are going to turn down their business last year December.
I try to seek for new home for my beloved blog,
and here I found Weebly.

Why Weebly?
So, why Weebly then?
What’s the thing attracted me to use Weebly?

(1) Drag-and-Drop
I like its “drag and drop” function which allow user to  decide own webpage.
Unlike Wix.com, Weebly still has some restriction in this function.
User cannot 100% free to design own layout of the webpage.
For example, my sidebar,
it was designated to be at the right,
I cannot move it simply using the drag and drop.
But it doesn’t bother me much.
Why? See point 2~~
(2) Edit HTML/CSS
Follow up to point 1,
why I said this don’t bother me much I couldn’t simply drag and drop the sidebar?
Because Weebly allow user to edit HTML/CSS of the individual’s page.
As long as I can write the correct code,
I can change the position.
Of course, it needs practice and knowledge to edit the HTML/CSS.
Design > Edit HTML/CSS
(3) Add/Remove pages
As what you have seen,
my blog contains 4 pages.
So, thanks to Weebly.
I am allowed to add/remove page without limit.
I can even choose what page type / layout I wanted.
And also I can add/remove sub-page.
(4) Editors
Another why I love Weebly is because it allows to add editors in a blog/webpage.
Since Weebly support e-commerce,
it has a function that allow multiple editors in one site.
For example my photography page,
my dear and I are the editors.
When we sign in our own weebly account,
We can easily edit the site we both have the editing right.
Just like Facebook fanpage, we can have multiple persons as the admin of the page.
Now you know why I choose Weebly?
It gives very high flexibility to its users in personalizing their own site.
If you are seeking for web builder,
you shall consider Weebly as your primary choice.

Next post, I will talk about how to get a 1-year domain from Weebly FREE!
Yes, I ain’t bluffing you.
Stay tune for the next post,
I will show you tips. 😉

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