Shoutout: KUL Ball by Badan Warisan Malaysia

Badan Warisan Malaysia is currently organizing a fundraising event — KUL Ball.
So, this post I am going to help promoting this meaningful event!
What’s KUL Ball?
KUL Ball is a fundraising programme,
 organized by BWM to urge deeper understanding of heritage spaces in youth with digital platform.
This isn’t the first time BWM held a ball like this.
They have held once to save Majestic Hotel which was threatened with demolition in 1983.
Thus, Majestic Hotel was chosen to be the place to have KUL Ball 2014;
with the theme of “something old something new”,
targeted to create RM10 million Cultural Heritage Grants Programme.

Date             : 20 June 2014, Friday
Time            : 7:00pm
Venue          : Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Admission    :  Minimum donation of RM300 per invitation

Warisan Lab
Other than that, Badan Warisan Malaysia is also having another event on 14 & 15 June 2014; Warisan Lab.
What  happens when old school meets new school?
You get Star Wars Wayang Kulit!
There are few things more interesting or quirky. 
Warisan Lab presents the artists behind the project who will share their exciting experience.
Audiences who join the Warisan Lab can get up close to other fascinating projects;
such as the  experimental puppeteer theatre performance,
Main Wayang: Hikayat Sang Kancil and a 3D digital capture of the boatmakers of Terengganu.

Date              : 14 & 15 June 2014
Time             : 10am – 6pm
Venue           : Badan Warisan Malaysia, Jalan Stonor
Admission      : RM30 per day

Come to join the events and have fun while learning how to preserve our heritage buildings, cultural values and our nation’s legacy. 
For both events, please call 03-21449273 or 011-22210315 (Ping) or 
log on to
for  more information and enquiry.
Who’s Badan Warisan Malaysia?
Badan Warisan Malaysia (BWM) is a leading NGO which,
aimed to EDUCATE, EMPOWER, ENGAGE & INSPIRE youth in Malaysia
to enhance their heritage consciousness in nation.

As part of education and awareness programme,
BWM also hosted few activities which include:-
(1) Pre-Event Wayang Kulit Cross Cultural Event on June 10, 2014
(2) My City My Heritage – an engagement project for youth to capture a cultural part of Malaysia;
a school, kampong or their neighbourhood; which will then featured on BWM digital wall in KUL Ball.

Moving forward over the next 24 months, Badan Warisan will  embark on the following to create an environment to further educate, empower and engage younger Malaysians to be actively involved in a heritage centric culture. 

In line with that, the NGO plans to develop the following  initiatives: 
(1) CONNECT THE CULTURAL DOTS – Create an open, digital platform that links all heritage-inspired NGOs and groups
throughout the nation and region to promote inclusiveness and critical engagement with heritage and cultural issues via an intergenerational spectrum.

(2) SHARE CULTURAL KNOWLEDGE – Embed within the digital platform an open-source information system of BWM’s vast print archives in order to promote the sharing of educational resources virtually with all communities.

(3) FUND CULTURAL INNOVATION – Create a RM10 million Cultural Heritage Grants Programme to fund independent, private sector projects throughout Malaysia connected with building conservation, cultural mapping, capacity building and social/cultural enterprise.

For further details on Badan Warisan, please contact:  
Elizabeth Cardosa
Telephone: 03 – 2144 9273


  1. Hi Sim Yee. Thank you for helping us promoting the Heritage KUL Ball and Warisan Lab. However, I would need your help to remove the contact of Audra because she is no longer involved in this event.
    Thank you. 🙂


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