How to make a Mille Crepe at home?

Saturday, June 21, 2014
I am a mille crepe lover.
If you are same with me,
then this post is for you.
I am going to share my mille crepe recipe. =)

I know it doesn't look very tasty.
But this is my piece of work.
My first time doing mille crepe.
Seriously, it needs a lot of time.
Ingredients are easy to find,
but the work to make it is difficult~

Let's see the ingredients for the crepe
Yes, the ingredients you can easily find at home.
Remember to melt the butter before start doing this.

1.  Add the sugar into the floor and mix well
2.  Then, pour the milk into the mixture and stir it.
3. Add the melted unsalted butter into the mixture
4.  After that, add the egg into the mixture and mix well
5.  Pour the mixture and press through a fine-mesh sieve. This is to make the crepe smoother
6.  The crepe mixture is done. Now put it into a airtight container and refrigerate overnight.
********************************** 2ND DAY **********************************
Ha! Now you come to the next day.
We will start baking the crepe; layer by layer.
This is the most tricky part.

1. Heat your frying pan with medium heat
2. Add butter on the pan and the wipe away the excess one.
3. Reduce your heat to medium low then pour some mixture onto the pan.
4. Flipping once until edges are golden.
5. Put the crepe on a plate and continue doing step 1-4 for the remaining mixture.
The crepe is done now.
We continue to make the filling~~

The filling is easy.
What you need is whipping cream and sugar.
I added 1 tablespoon of sugar.
Then beat the cream until soft peaks form,
and refrigerate until ready to use.
So now you have your crepes and filling.
What you need to do is easy,
spread the filling on the crepe until it complete!
After that, refrigerate the mille crepe for at least 2 hours,
then it is ready to be served! =D
Tata!! This is how my first crepe look like.
Hmmm... It doesn't look like what I saw in Nadeje.
Of course, I am not as professional as them. =(

Is it taste nice?
Erm, not really...
I think the filling need to be sweeter.
I felt I was eating cream =0
But, at least it is still can eat what.. =B
So, I suggest you can add more sugar.
Or find other recipe to do the filling. >.<

Overall, my mille crepe is successfully baked.
What is not perfect is its appearance and the taste.
I still worry I will turn it into some other things else,
but luckily no. =)
Till then.
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