Jane Holli, Shopping like you’re in Tokyo, Shanghai & HK!

Shopping, the nature talent that God gives to ladies.
With the wide usage of internet, we can shop online and buy what we wanted,
easier, faster, more choices and even cheaper sometimes!
And now, you can shop like a boss,
like you’re in Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong at JANE HOLLI.

Jane Holli was established in 2005.
With over 25 years experience in the leather-crafting industry,
Jane Holli brand sets itself apart with original, easy to match designs.
Founded as a ladies handbags brand, Jane Holli has since included footwear and accessories into its product line up.
For your info,
Jane Holli provides
1. COD for clients within Penang, KL, Selangor and Johor.
2. FREE delivery if you have purchased up to RM99
3. International delivery!
More info please see FAQ
To shop online with Jane Holli,
it isn’t big difference like other online store.
What you need to do is create an account in its website.
This is pretty easy,
upon sign-up, you can start shopping!
You do not need to verify your account.

Well, why don’t we start shopping now?
I am going to share my favourite 2 shoes I have spotted in Jane Holli.
I personally like its web design; simple and convenient.
I can search item by clicking the categories shown above.
No filter filter stuff, which I find it is kinda annoying.

Choice #1: J Sally
Click picture above for more photos
Recently I am seeking for shoes that can wear for working.
I fall for J Sally because of its color.
It gives me a soft and warm-hearted feeling,
like I am still a young girl.. (Sound like I am old.. =\)

Another reason I picked J Sally because it suits everything,
from skirts to denim!
Heel is just okay, 2cm height.
For a long day wearing,
it is comfortable.

Also, the material outside is rubber,
I don’t need to worry much of getting wet and dirty during rainy day.
Since sometime I have to back home by bus.
And if I met Mr Rain, say goodbye to my lovely shoes then…  =(

Choice #2: J Serene

Click picture above for more photos
The 2nd pair I chose was J Serene.
I love this kind of shoes very much.
When I have gathering with friends,
I don’t need to wear shoes that cover up my foot.
Guess what, my feet always sweat,
so, if I cover up all day long,
it is definitely smelly in the end. =(
So, for weekend/chilling time with friends,
I prefer to wear shoes that is casual and doesn’t cover up my foot.

This shoes has a platform height of 3.75cm, heel height of 11cm,
glad to have it because it instantly increase my height up to 10cm!
Hooray! Thanks to the one who first made heels! =D

Here’s my choices in Jane Holli.
Now, it’s your turn to tell the people around what’s yours.
Start shopping with JANE HOLLI NOW!

To all my beloved readers,
A RM20 CASH VOUCHER is given to you!
Promo code as below:


With a minimum purchase of RM99 in a single receipt,
you can get RM20 discount by using the code I provided above!
So don’t miss this great deal! 😉

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