Adidas Blogger Cup #7: Who’s this?

Ola Bola!
Good day my dearest reader,
Have you watched this morning’s match.
Awww~~~ I can’t imagine Spain lose! =(
They were the champion 4 years ago…
I think many people are disappointed on this match!

Well, don’t talk about the saddening.
We talk some happy stuffs~~
Here we come to the second last – Round 7 of Adidas Blogger Cup!
Wow… so fast we are going to end this contest..
Have you joined the 6 round in the past few week?
Yes, then continue the last two rounds.
No, never mind, you still have the chance to win!
Same as previous, correct entrants will be given promo code.
So, try your luck now!

Let’s see the question today~~~

Argentina team player huh?!
Guess who’s him?
Hint: Click the picture/watch the video below…
This question is quite simple right?
Submit your entry now.. =)


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