Pixi.My – Community for Photographers/Instagrammers

Q1. Are you one of the Malaysians that love snaps photos,
shares them on Instagram and Facebook etc.?
Q2. Do you ever think you could get reward by snapping photos that you like?

Introduce you Pixi.my,
a social photographer community that make you dream comes true!


What is Pixi.my?
Pixi.my is Malaysia’s 1st Social Photographer community that shares a common passion of taking awesome pictures with their smartphone. By joining Pixi.my, Pixies can get reward by sharing photos they snapped.
How does Pixi.my work?
Register as a Pixies with your Instagram; start taking pictures and submit accordingly based on the missions assigned and get rewarded.

Watch video below for more details….

Do you know what is Pixi.my now?
Don’t miss you chance to get rewarded just through the photos of yours.
What are you waiting for?
Join as Pixies and started earning the opportunity to win!
Contests are ongoing now.
Don’t lose your chance. 😉
Register at www.pixi.my~~~~
Find Pixi.my on Facebook….


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