My First Experience with Nuffnang Premiere Screening

Well, this should up right after the premiere screening of The Amazing Spiderman 2.
But, I have other pending posts to rush for.
Sorry guys~~

Last Tuesday, I have had my first premiere screening and it’s with Nuffnang!
Again, thanks Nuffnang and Sony Pictures for the exclusive passes.
I enjoyed watching Spidey 2 so much.. =D (Review, click here)


The ticket collection time is 8pm to 8.45pm @ TGV, 1 Utama.
So, my dear and I decided to have our dinner there right after working.
We went to have Vietnamese cuisine (Check Vietnam Kitchen for food review).


We only went to collect our exclusive passes around 8.15pm.
Wow! I have gotten C5 and C6?
What? Seriously?
I went collecting so early what~~
Hmmm…. Okay bah… 
Since TGV front seats are still far apart from the screen.
Next time, if there is next time, 
I will sure I am going to collect sharp 8pm,
or I shall wait there before they truly open for collection!!! 
So, new Nuffnanger, 
if you don’t want to watch your movie close to the screen,
remember!!! Collect it as early as you can!!!!!

When we went to collect our tickets, 
TGV was so crowded.
Never see this cinema has so many people before.
But since it is premiere screening, 
it shouldn’t be surprised.

This is my first time,
so I was not sure the procedure.
I saw the first counter was
Hey, where is my Nuffnang?
Okay, I found them…
I asked Nuffies for the passes.
She is so nice. =)
I asked about the badges,
and she gave me all four designs because I don’t know which to choose.
All badges are beautiful!
I felt a little bit guilty and paiseh to take all of them. >.<
Anyway, thank you for the badges.


After collecting our tickets, 
we went to take photographs around.
Seriously addicted on photography.
I can’t stop myself to photographs the decorations there.

Aroud 8.30pm, we went into the cinema hall.
There were two crews standing outside,
and they were checking on audiences’ tickets to make sure everyone entered the correct hall.
However, there were still few people went to the wrong hall. 
Girls and boys, remember to look at your tickets. 😉

As I said, this was my first movie screening, 
I was surprised there was only one advertisement before the movie start..
I hate those advertisements very much;
because, I always end up with eating half of my popcorn before the movie really start.
Then, as usual, movie began and end around 10pm.
Here comes an end on my first experience with NNPremiereScreening.
I really enjoyed it and it gave me a new experience.
I saw many well-known youtubers as well as bloggers.
It is my pleasure to be a part of the premiere screening.
I am sure, I would like to attend more events by Nuffnang/ChurpChurp,
not only for freebies, but expand my social networks more and more. =D

Again, thanks Nuffnang for a wonderful movie night. 😉


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