Mink, The Make-up Printer

Sunday, May 11, 2014
Other than clothes,
I guess cosmetics are the items that girls always think of not enough.
I have 4 reds, but why I don't see the one match my makeup today.
Oh no, when I run out of my mascara?
How can I go out for dating now? My babe is waiting me.. =(
Aww... This is so nice, but why is it so pricey?

Do you experience this?
Feel that your cosmetics always give you trouble when you need them?
Sometimes, I do.
So, a genius come out an idea -- Mink, the makeup printer!

Mink, the makeup printer,
was invented by Grace Choi.
According to Grace, Mink can print any kind of cosmetics.
With mink, we don't need to worry our cosmetics ran out.
Because as long as we can pick our desired color from any source we have,
and print it through mink,
that cosmetic is done in few seconds!
Watch the video below for more  details...
What do you huh?!
Personally think this invention is awesome for everyone who likes makeup!
But, I wondering how can I get the raw material for those cosmetics.
I cannot simply refill it with the ink selling in the market. =\

However, Mink is still under development.
I hope to have one when it launches in future.
How about you ya?
If you're same with me,
you shouldn't miss the chance to get the first hand new about Mink!
Visit here to get its latest new.
Register and they will send you announcement when they launch. =D
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