Mary Kay’s Personal Grooming Workshop

Yesterday my colleagues and I attended a grooming workshop offered by Mary Kay.
The speaker is Ms. Doleres.
We have learned a lot from this workshop.
I think many people out there know about Mary Kay.
It is a direct seller of skin care and cosmetic products in nation wide.
During the grooming workshop,
Ms. Doleres first gave us a brief introduction and some tips about skin care.
Since the workshop was set in our new office room,
we couldn’t set up table to clean our face.
So, Ms. Doleres cannot teach us the step-by-step face cleaning procedure.
She said, one wouldn’t look fresh if they didn’t do the basic skin care.
To enhance our make-up, we first have to clean our face. 
She kept reminding us skin care is the most important element to keep one looks pretty.
Girls and boys, make sure you do your skin care everyday. =)
After that, she started demonstrating the correct way to apply toner and make-up remover by cotton pad.
To hold the cotton pad, use only index finger and ring finger.
Then apply the toner/make-up remover onto the cotton pad.
After that, apply them on face;
clean only from inside to outside.
For those who don’t know this,
have you learnt the correct way now? =D
I remembered I was struggling on the fingers rule when I learned in previous grooming workshop.
It’s simple but I didn’t get used to it immediately.
So, if you have the same problem,
don’t worry, it is normal, okay? 😉

Back to the workshop,
after the demonstration, 
Ms. Doleres began to apply cosmetics on our “model”;
one of our colleagues. 
She used correction cream and foundation cream as the base.
She highlighted that “DO NOT use apply by circling”.
I guess this is a basic rule that we know about make-up,
but, thanks for her reminder too.
From foundation to the full make-up,
Ms. Doleres only used 6 minutes~
This is so called professional…
I think I would need take at least 15 to 20 minutes to do all of this. =(

After the demonstration, 
we were invited to join the make-up contest.
One of my colleagues and I paired up,
she has become my personal make up artist~~ XD
There were 5/6 pairs of participants to join the contest.
Top 3 will receive prizes!
We were judged by how big our difference between before and after.

Every pair chose their own seat and started to draw.
Opps, I mean make-up. 
We have two participants were guys.
So, this contest was not only offered to the ladies.

Look at my make-up artist,
pro, right?
She knew my skin is sensitive,
she purposely apply only light make-up.
We didn’t join for prizes, but for fun. 
My before and after.
Although not much different,
I still think I has transformed from ah sao to leng lui… =p
Thank you my dear Pinky. =)

Without noticing the time, 
I think the whole session spent around one hour.
Ms. Dolly used 6 minutes, but we used 1 hour.
Hmmmm…. Okay, we are new learner. XD 

I didn’t manage to take a group photo of all the model.
Look at my right,
that is a guy~~
His partner and him were so sporting.
His make-up was extremely nice.
That’s why we didn’t surprise they won the first prize.

Here come to an end on this grooming workshop.
We truly enjoyed the fun of it.
Also, everyone in the workshop received a door gift.
For girls, we received the samples of eye shadows, blush and lipstick.
For guys, they were given some skin care sample such as toner and moisturizer.

For me, Mary Kay’s cosmetic products are gentle to sensitive skin.
I am using its blush for 3 years.
Natural and gentle.
My skin didn’t show any sensitive problem so far.

However, Mary Kay is not a cruelty-free company.
If this is out of your concern,
I will recommended to try out Mary Kay’s products.

=Happening Now=
Mary Kay is having a Beautiful Contest.
3 winners will have the opportunity 
to participate in the Asia Pacific Finale @ Hong Kong 
in the mid of October.
Find more about the contest here

Official website in Malaysia: 
Malaysia FB Fanpage:


    • Yeah. They give out free trial of all their products and guarantee of cash back within three months if their customers don’t like the product they are using.


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