Cyber C'kin All-in-1 Moisturizing Cleansing Water

Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Few days ago I went to Sasa for buying myself a new make-up remover.
Basically, I seldom apply cosmetics,
since I use sunblock everyday I would still need to use remover to remove it.
And I fall for Cyber C'kin All-in-1 Moisturizing Cleansing Water.

Everyone who went Sasa before will know,
the beautician will approach you when you first step in their store.
And they are actively promoting different kinds of products depending on customer's need.
I told the one who came to me, I would like to buy a make-up remover.
She first looked at me and said my skin was super dry combination.
Thanks God! Finally I found someone who really know this!
Before her, I knew that my skin is super dry which caused my face too oily,
yet, I am not oily skin. Complicated right?

Okay, never mind.
Even I know my skin problem,
no one except her has pointed out this.
Some of them don't really believe what I said and keep on promoting those not suitable product.
Hey! I know my skin better what!?

Opppsss... Way to far.
Back to my remover~~~~
That beautician pointed out my skin problem;
suggested me to use Cyber C'kin All-in-1 Moisturizing Cleansing Water.
She said that this cleansing water is unlike to other remover;
it is totally in water form -- no combination of oil type.
I quickly decided to try it out after found its brand is CyberColor.
I am a big big fan of CyberColor,
since its cosmetic are so gentle to me.
So, I think this cleansing water wouldn't be a bad choice to try.
It is about RM59/bottle,
too bad there is no discount. =(

I actually have just started using it two days ago,
after I finish the previous remover.
I read the instruction and I realized it stated "No need to rinse".
What? Are you kidding?
I definitely don't want to have those sticky feel on my face.
At that moment, I was thinking to break the rule.
I am gonna to rinse afterwards.
I took out my cotton pad and press 3 times.
Since it is the first time,
I have to press few time to pump it out.
But, I pressed too hard,
and I pumped too much. =0
Next time, I will know I shall pump once gently.

I cleaned my face with the cotton pad,
I can't really smell anything from the cleansing water.
And I sensed some cold on the applied part.
The most important is NO STICKY FEEL!!!
Seriously? And I didn't feel my skin was stretching like last time.
Because the past remover was too dry and caused my skin stretched. >.<
But, this didn't apply for Cyber C'kin All-in-1 Moisturizing Cleansing Water.
Anyone who is using this has the same feeling like me?

So far, I have only used less than one week,
I didn't feel anything wrong still.
Will write a review after some time. ;)
Perhaps, you can share your experience with me?
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