Gift from Him: Our 1st Anniversary ❤

Friday, May 30, 2014
It was already one week after Danny and I celebrated our anniversary.
If you wonder where we have gone for celebration, read this..
This time, I want to show off the gift he gave me for our memorable day.
Again, his DIY genes are back! XD
He used a film roll to write me a message of anniversary greetings.
And also another stop motion. =D
Don't know what is stop motion?
Refer to my previous post -- "Happiness": A Stop Motion by Him ❤
Compare to the first one,
perhaps you expect some improvement,
I think it may let you down somehow.'
But please bear in mind that he did it within 2 hours and it is a midnight. =0
We worked in daytime and travelled a lot during weekend,
he couldn't do so much in a day.
For me, it's perfect enough to have this as a gift.
How do you think?
I love it much,
because it is made by my dearest.
Of course I will think it is sweet and full of love. =p

Stop motion isn't easy,
you couldn't stop and continue next day;
because the setup may vary if you do so.
Unless you have a room/studio that allow you to left them in the place they should.
Hope you enjoy watching my anniversary gift. =D
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