Updates on Seeties Getaway Treat

Hi guys,
remember I have blogged Seeties Getaway Treat Campaign?
Yeah, for those who don’t know, 
kindly read the previous blog what’s this about.. 😉
This time, I would like to bring more good news on this treat!

Previously, Seeties declared the would giveaway 10 treats for Seetizen Expert,
but now… They UPGRADED!!!!
This means, MORE treats & MORE  choices~~
Now, let’s see what’s good news in the campaign. =D


Anyone notice the different between this and the previous poster?
Yes! You are right!
Instead of 10 treats will be given out, Seeties is going to give out a LUCKY DRAW!
Also, they have added more options for the winners to choose their holidays.
Previously, Seeties offered 4 places, and now, they increased to EIGHT(8)!

Rajah Room, The Village House
Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia


Cinnamon, Clove Hall
Penang, Malaysia

Deluxe, The Majestic Hotel
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Here are the new choices that offered by Seeties.
More attractive treats?
More motivation?
So, are you ready to join the campaign?
What are you waiting again?
Be a Seetizen Expert now at Seeties la!
Contest will end on 30 April 2014~
Hurry up, people!!! 


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